Healthy & Tasty Recipes for 2018

Wholegrain is good for you and Stockan's Oatcakes are packed full of wonderfully delicious wholegrain oats.

As a high fibre, low GI wholegrain, oats work to slow your digestion and keep you feeling fuller for longer – this in turn, curbs your cravings and can promote weight loss.

Beta-glucans apparent in oats are believed to stimulate the immune system and a have proven effect in lowering cholesterol and preventing heart disease.

All our oatcakes are high in fibre and scrumptious, making them a delicious and easy way to add some wholegrain into your diet.

Perfect for breakfast, lunch, snacking and supper, plus seven varieties to choose from, what are you waiting for?!

Here are some of our favourite recipes, most of which take minutes to prepare.

  • Peanut butter and banana or avocado, tomato and chilli flakes 

  • Our Thick Triangles and Mini Oatcakes are perfect with yogurt and fruit, top or dip them into your favourite yogurt

  • For a fibre and protein packed breakfast or brunch, top our Thin or Beremeal Oatcakes with wilted spinach, scrambled eggs and tomato

  • Swap standard cheese for low fat or high protein cheese melted under the grill. Click here for the recipe

Homemade Spicy Bean Pâté. Click here for the recipe

Sharing salad. Click here for the recipe



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