Marshmallow & Cherry Loaf

This scrumptious chocolate loaf is packed full of Thick Orkney Oatcakes, marshmallows and cherries. This no- bake treat only takes about 25 minutes to make!

  • 1 x Pack of Stockan's Thick Orkney Oatcakes  
  • 300g  semi-sweet chocolate (we used 100g 70% dark chocolate and 200g Cadbury Milk Chocolate)
  • 150g butter (unsalted)
  • 2 tablespoons condensed milk
  • 16 glace cherries (halved)
  • 70g mini white marshmallows


*You can vary the milk chocolate: dark chocolate ratio if you like. Just make sure the total amount of chocolate (milk&dark) is 300g.

Break each Thick Oatcake into about 10 pieces. Place the broken Thick Oatcakes in a bowl along with the mini marshmallows and cherries.

Melt all the other ingredients together in a double boiler –pour about 1 cup water into a saucepan or pot and bring to a boil. Then reduce heat and keep the water on a gentle simmer. Select a bowl that will fit over the saucepan, without touching the water (the steam from the water will melt the chocolate in the bowl).

Add all ingredients except the broken up Thick Oatcakes, mini marshmallows and cherries,  to the bowl over the simmering water.

Whisk frequently, till everything is melted and you get a smooth sauce. Be careful not to get any water into the chocolate sauce.

Remove the bowl from the saucepan, and let the chocolate sauce cool for about 15 minutes. Gently fold in the dry ingredients.

Line a loaf pan or cake tin with a large piece of cling film so that there is an over hang on all sides. Pour the cake mixture over the cling film and gently press down using a spatula, and flatten out the top. If your cake mixture is still warm, let it cool completely before proceeding.

Then fold the overhanging cling film over the cake. Using your palms, gently press down to compact everything. Refrigerate for 3 hours or till the cake is set.

Remove the wrap, cut into slices or cubes and serve.

Store in the fridge...enjoy!


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