Super-food Mini Oatcake Towers!

These Cranachan inspired towers, packed with fibre and protein, are perfect for breakfast or a lunch time treat!


You will need

  •  1 x packet of Stockan's Mini Orkney Oatcakes
  •  1 x tub of Graham's Vanilla Quark (high protein and fat free spoonable soft cheese)
  •  1 x punnet of raspberries 
  • 1 x squeezy bottle of Rowse Supahoney (Contains Manuka and vitamin C)
  • 1 x packet roasted crushed hazelnuts


Place one Mini Oatcake on a plate and put a teaspoon of Vanilla Quark on the Oatcake.

Add 1-2 halved raspberries (make sure they have been patted dry) and lay them horizontally.

Repeat the above twice adding one raspberry to the top. 

Skatter the crushed hazelnuts over the tower, then drizzle the honey to taste.


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