Superfood Breakfasts for Summer

Why start your day with oatcakes?

Our oatcakes are made using the best  wholegrain oats, a superfood, boasting a low GI and packed with fibre, giving you a slow release of energy, so what better way to start your day this summer? 

Healthy toppings, such as Avocado, (essential fatty acids), Live Yoghurt, (good bacteria & proteins), Nuts & 100% Whole Peanut Butter, (protein & fibre) and Fruit (vitamins & minerals) compliment the high wholegrain content of our oatcakes, giving you a superfood and energising start to the day!

Here are our top 5 oatcake inspired breakfasts:

Mediterranean Eggs 

Our Thin Triangle Oatcakes topped with wilted spinach, scrambled eggs and tomato, seasoned with a touch of freshly ground salt and black pepper. 

Breakfast in a Hurry!

Try our Thick Triangle Oatcakes with 'no added sugar' fruit jam, sprinkled with roasted hazelnuts.

Granola Style Breakfast Jar

Crumble two Thick Triangle Oatcakes into a jar or bowl and top with natural live yoghurt and top with mixed fruit. If you like your oaty crumb soft, prepare the night before and keep in the fridge.

Mini Oatcake Tower and  Avocado

Stack as many Mini Oatcakes as you wish and layer with 100% whole peanut butter and sliced banana. Top a Thin Triangle Oatcake with avocado and sliced cherry tomatoes. If you fancy more flavour, add some chopped red onion or chilli flakes. 


Where to buy our award winning Orkney Oatcakes -


Triangle Oatcakes: Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Asda, Morrison's , Co-op and Tesco, various convenience stores and deli's.

Mini Plain and Cheese Oatcakes: Waitrose and various convenience stores and deli's.

Our award winning Orkney Beremeal Oatcakes: Selected Sainsbury's Stores and various farm shops and deli's.

England and Wales

Thick Triangles: Waitrose and Booth's.

Thin Triangles: Tesco and Asda.

Mini Plain: Booth's.

Our  oatcakes may be found in other stores in England and Wales, such as farm shops, deli's & convenience stores.

To find out more about the benefits of oats click here



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