The Ultimate Cheeseboard - 'Pushing The Boat Out'

Christmas cheeseboards from The Printing Press Bar & Kitchen, Edinburgh - Part II

Here's Executive Chef, Colin Fleming's second Christmas cheeseboard to accompany our scrumptious Orkney Oatcakes. There are also brand new drinks pairings from award-winning bartender and The Printing Press’s Assistant General Manager, Andrew Lennie.

Following Colin’s original ‘Crowd Pleasers’ cheese board, this time he is ‘Pushing the Boat Out’ with a cheeseboard of the same name. “When pushing the boat out”, says Colin, “you want to bring something together which is richer in flavour. A good Clava Brie is creamy and soft, yet strong and earthy, while a distinctive, melt-in-the-mouth cheese like Bluemin White sits nicely alongside the firmer textures and smoky taste of the Auld Reekie and Barwheys Smoked Cheddar."

Colin recommends that you serve with his intensely flavoured apple and date chutney (click here for the recipe or visit the Stockan's Kitchen area on our website). The nutty and wholesome taste of Stockan's award-winning Orkney Beremeal Oatcakes, matches well with this selection, as well as Stockan's Thick and Mini Oatcakes.

'The Pushing The Boat Out'

Clockwise from left to right, Auld Reekie, Barwheys Smoked Cheddar, Clava Brie & Bluemin White

Drinks pairings

Fortified wine pairing: Warre's Ruby port – with a nice balance of smokiness and sweetness, this port has a really balanced acidity which pairs perfectly with these cheeses.

Whisky pairing: Talisker Storm – Mellow and rich, then very spicy. The Talisker Storm has a good balance between sweetness, smoke and salt.

If you missed our first Christmas cheeseboard, 'The Crowd Pleasers', click here





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