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Stockan's Serving Suggsetions

We've just updated our website with a brand new 'Recipes' section. We already have 4 delicious recipes to share with you that use our oatcakes  – Cullen Skink, Stockan’s Nachos, Quiche and Cranachan. Maybe some of you use Stockan's in your own recipes, so if you do, please let us know and we'll add them to the list! You can check out the new section by clicking here.


A Day in the Life of a Stockan's Orkney Thick Oatcake & Some Creative Kids

Baked with coarsely ground oatmeal, creating a crunchier texture, our Thick Oatcakes have maintained their distinctive triangle shape that originates from when oatcakes were traditionally baked on a round griddle over a kitchen fire.  They are packaged in a minimalistic style allowing the product to be seen by the customer as well as considering their impact on the environment. 

Wanting to understand what the younger generation thinks of our Thick Oatcakes, we asked our local primary school to help us.  Each pupil was given a Thick Oatcake to use as the base of their design.  They drew round the shape, ate the oatcake, then created the most wonderful selection of Oatcake Characters.  We are absolutely delighted with the results and have spent many happy hours going through all the designs.  The range of ideas, colours, styles and names is truly amazing. We chose 7 drawings, one from each year group to show you. Aren’t they great?

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