The perfect match for our award winning Orkney Beremeal Oatcakes

To celebrate our award for our Orkney Beremeal Oatcakes, we decided to partner up with another award winner! George Mewes helped us match our Beremeal Oatcakes with some of his cheeses.

George said “The unique taste of the Beremeal Oatcake requires a flavoursome cheese to compliment it. The cheese must have a buttery and creamy taste, which will elevate this already fantastic and tasty oatcake”.

After sampling a range of world famous cheeses in his store, here are George’s top three suggestions.

Beaufort d’été, crowned as ‘The Prince of Cheese’.

Kirkham’s produce  the last farmhouse raw-milk Lancashire cheese in the world.

 Gold medal winning cheddar.

These three cheeses and our Beremeal Oatcakes are now available in George’s Edinburgh and Glasgow stores now!

Oatcakes made with Beremeal have a higher fibre content and a range of useful micro-nutrients. Find out more about the nutritional benefits of Beremeal here.
Find out more about the HIFDA Award for our Beremeal Oatcakes here.
For more information on George Mewes Cheese, visit their website below.


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