Adventurous Oatcakes

​​​​​(Belevedere Palace in the background)

Vienna Calling! 

Austria is famous for its delicious Alpine cheeses, so we went hunting for the perfect cheese to match our Orkney Thin Oatcakes, in Vienna! After visiting many Christmas markets, we found cheese producer '....mmh SCHMANKERL' at the Belevedere Palace Christmas Market, Vienna. We tried a few cheeses before matching our oatcakes with a12-18 months matured Austrian Mountain cheese from the Voralberger region in the Austrian Alps. Other cheeses in this family include: Gruyere, Fontina and Montasio.

(Cheesemonger, '....mmh SCHMANKERL')

Austrian cheeses are primarily made with cow’s milk and since the animals are grazing on exclusive mountain pastures, the plants the cows eat come through in the flavour of the cheese, you can often taste flowers, for instance, or grasses and herbs. Alpine cheeses are typically semi-firm to hard and their recipes are centuries-old. Although, firm in texture, Austrian Mountain cheese almost melts in the mouth and has a distinctive Alpine nutty flavour, which marries well with the tasty fine milled wholegrain oats in our Thin Oatcakes. The longer the cheese is matured, the stronger the taste, with some being matured for several years.

You can find Austrian Mountain cheese at a variety of Christmas markets and cheesemongers across the UK. Gruyere can also be found in most supermarkets.

Serve the Stockan’s Thin Oatcakes with the Austrian cheese and if desired add a slither of butter and top with your favourite chutney, enjoy!






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