A delicious grazing board to suit all the family, created especially for us by The Wee Larder.


  • 1 pack Stockan's Spelt Wheat Herb and Pepper Oatcakes
  • A selection of Sliced Cheese
  • Seasonal Fruit
  • Red Currant Jelly or Other
  • Pickled Cabbage or Other Pickle
  • Smoked Salmon / Cold Meats
  • Crowdie Cheese or Cream Cheese
  • Pate or other meat / veg spreads


  • Make up this grazing board with smoked salmon, crowdie and cheddar cheese, red currant jelly, pickled cabbage, sliced apples, pears and seasonal berries.

  • There are no specific ingredients or quantities , but as a guide try to include two types of cheese, a few cold meats or smoked fish, slices of fresh fruit and seasonal berries, a jelly of choice like the red currant, and a pickled vegetable.

  • Arrange all of the oatcakes on the grazing board first and position your other ingredients around them in patterns.

  • Fill in all the remainig gaps with slices of fruit and berries.

Top Tip - For more information about how to create this very special board, refer to The Wee Larder.

Customer Feedback

  • Honestly there is no better oatcake - good crumbly texture, not too floury well-seasoned and always a great taste.
  • I grew up eating Stockans oatcakes in Stromness, they are truly the best.
  • Great texture and very flavoursome. The best oatcakes I’ve ever tasted. Lovely with honey or cheese
    A satisfied Tesco customer
  • Mini Oatcakes – the perfect canapé base. Absolutely delicious like it’s big brother, the triangular thick oatcake. Perfect for cheese, pâté or smoked salmon