Live yoghurt (good bacteria & proteins), nuts and seeds (protein & fibre) and of course fruit (vitamins & minerals) are great to complement our high fibre oatcakes, giving you an energising start to the day!

Here are our top 5 oatcake inspired breakfasts:

Granola Style Breakfast Jar

Crumble two Thick Oatcakes into a jar/bowl, top with natural live yoghurt and mixed fruit. If you like your oaty crumble soft, prepare the night before and keep in the fridge.

Breakfast in a Hurry!

Try our Thin Oatcakes with 'no added sugar' fruit jam, sprinkled with roasted nuts and/or seeds.

Mediterranean Eggs

Our Beremeal Oatcakes topped with wilted spinach, scrambled eggs and tomato, seasoned with a touch of freshly ground salt and black pepper.

Mini Oatcake Tower

Stack as many Mini Oatcakes as you wish and layer with 100% whole peanut butter and sliced banana.

Avocado & Tomato

Top a Thin Triangle Oatcake with avocado and sliced cherry tomatoes. If you fancy more flavour, add some chopped red onion or chilli flakes.

Customer Feedback

  • Honestly there is no better oatcake - good crumbly texture, not too floury well-seasoned and always a great taste.
  • I grew up eating Stockans oatcakes in Stromness, they are truly the best.
  • Great texture and very flavoursome. The best oatcakes I’ve ever tasted. Lovely with honey or cheese
    A satisfied Tesco customer
  • Mini Oatcakes – the perfect canapé base. Absolutely delicious like it’s big brother, the triangular thick oatcake. Perfect for cheese, pâté or smoked salmon