We are a 4th generation, family-owned award winning business and our handmade oatcakes are enjoyed all around the globe. Of course there have been changes over the years but what has remained constant is pride in our heritage, our focus on quality and a loyal workforce - many of whom have been with us over 20 years, and even some for over 40 years.

How it all began...


Tod's of Orkney Ltd, the parent company of the brand Stockan's Oatcakes, can trace its origins back to the 1890's when a young Gilbert Archer (the great grandfather of the current generation, Irene and Catriona) joined Tod's, a wholesale grocer based in Leith, Edinburgh. As the business grew it moved north, a natural extension when working out of Leith, as boats owned by the North of Scotand Orkney & Shetland Steam Navigation Company plied their trade to the Orkney Islands and the north of Scotland.


Tod's, in which Gilbert by now was a partner, purchased R. Garden & Company Ltd, General Merchants, Kirkwall. In addition to the original premises on Bridge Street, horse vans, then fuel driven vehicles sold groceries, household items and Garden's bakery goods around the mainland districts, while floating shops catered for the other islands.


During World War I and II, Garden's bakery held the contracts to supply bread to HM ships in the anchorage of Scapa Flow.

1950 - 1980

In 1952 the trade mark to use the image of the majestic 450 foot 'Old Man of Hoy' sandstone rock stack on our packaging was obtained. The variety of goods sold changed over the years but the bakery continued to produce a wide range of loaves, tea-breads, biscuits, cakes and of course oatcakes.

1980 - 2000's

In 1986 the company acquired Stockan's bakery based in the picturesque harbour town of Stromness. This brought the much loved, fine milled Thin oatcake recipes into the range and the brand became known as Stockan and Gardens. Later the brand name became Stockan's Oatcakes when all production moved to Stromness.

To present day

2013 Great Taste 1* Awards

Mini Cheese and Mini Garlic Oatcakes

2016 Highlands and Islands Food & Drink Awards Winner

This award for our Orkney Beremeal Oatcakes reflects the importance of our Orkney provenance and island heritage because the bere barley we use is grown & milled locally at the water powered Barony Mill

2018 Accredited as a Living Wage Employer & won Scottish Food Manufacturer of the Year

2020 Great Taste 1* Awards

Orkney Beremeal and Mini Cracked Black Pepper Oatcakes

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2021 Great Taste 1* Awards

Orkney Cheese Triangles and Mini Original Oatcakes